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TAPAS: Teachers and parents Association of Sarada

Dear Teachers/ex-teachers/parents/ex-parents/ex-students of Sarada Kindergarten.
We would like to invite you to join the Teachers and Parents Association of Sarada Kindergarten. (TAPAS) . This association is the brainchild of a few present ad past parents and teachers of the Sarada Kindergarten.
The main objects of the Association are detailed in the constitution that has been submitted to the Registrar of Society for approval.  These are:

  1. To promote the advancement and improvement of its members physically, intellectually, socially and morally.
  2. To develop a true spirit of loyalty and love for the Alma Mater.
  3. To secure the co-operation and active interest of pupils in carrying out aims and objectives of the Kindergarten.
  4. To foster the ideals of the true citizenship and to promote the feeling of comradeship among the races.
  5. To promote the welfare of the Kindergarten, its Students and Teachers.
  6. To provide scholarship, prizes and financial assistance to Students and Teachers of the Kindergarten.
  7. To facilitate an active interaction between parents and students in the various activities of the Kindergarten.
  8. To undertake various fund raising and other activities for the support of the Kindergarten and/or the Association.

We expect these objects will be translated into activities such as workshops, seminars, sporting events, touring and other social functions.  In addition, we will expect to organize various fund raising activities for the Kindergarten and also support the Kindergarten in its social and other educational activities.

The membership is open only to all present and past, parents, teachers, principals, supervisors and ex-students over the age of 18. All of the above individuals can only become members provided they have been with the Sarada Kindergarten for a minimum period of 6 months.
Primarily there are three classes of membership, Ordinary (with voting rights), Life (Ordinary members can convert to Life members on payment of a fee) or Associate members (no voting rights and is open to students, teachers and parents who cannot join as ordinary members).  
The membership fee for ordinary members is $12.00 per annum , or $30.00 for 3 years and for life members, it is a one-time payment of $100.00.  The membership fee for associate members is $10.00 per annum.  
Please complete the application form and hand this over to the TAPAS Representatives. 

Thank you for your support,
Yours sincerely,